~Pumpkin & Leek Soup~

Sangat-sangat suka pada labu ini, apabila dipotong menjadi seperti mangkuk berbunga.

Dengan warna yang striking....haha...

~Tamago or Egg Toufu wth Enoki&Pak Choi Mushroom Soup~

Healthy food for everyone.....this is chinese style. The Enoki Mushroom

actually brings out the flavour in this soup.
Its gud for diet people. 

Mushroom Soup wth Parmesan Cheese

Just take shitake mushroom. Soak in the warm water till the mushroom is soft...blend and hit the pan.....hahaaaaaa No Laaaaa

Blend together half of the Holland onion. Put in a pot with a cup of water and a cup of cream. Boil and lastly put in 2 spoons of garlic butter. Remember to balance it with salt and pinch of sugar. Ready to serve...

For the garnish....take Parmesan Cheese. Slice thinly and fry with Corn Oil. Make sure the oil cover the top of the Cheese. Hash brown takes it off.

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