Friday, 21 June 2013

Kurma Packaging / Kurma Gift

Kurma & Packaging Paling Murah

Kurma dibulan puasa 2013. Dates for Ramadhan 2013.
Kami menjual Kurma secara borong. We are selling wholesale dates pricing.
Kami menjual kurma secara pek / packaging. We are selling packaging dates.
Harga Kurma dan packaging bermula dari RM2 hingga RM8.
Dates pricing starts from RM2 to RM8
Harga Kurma 2013 sila hubungi saya. For more Dates pricing please contact me :-
Sesiapa berminat sila hubungi saya :-



Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Dah lama sangat tak tengok blog i nie....Its time to upload all.....things that needed to be shared.
Well......lets starts from the day i deliver my new qhalif, Jibrael in this world.
10th January 2013. Tarikh lahirnya tu i telah buat that nanti hopefully he'll turn out to be a good and healthy person in this world.
I was enjoing it like i went for a vacation.....haha, alhamdulillah.....above all nikmat yg Allah(swt) beri.